Write Your Story

Write your own story mug

What an incredible addition to my mug collection! The words "Write Your Own STORY" reminded me of the beginning time when I felt prompted to start a blog. I am a teacher by heart and enjoy to read, write and teach but the thought to write and publish kind of freaked me out.

Long story short, after many detours and literally finding every excuse on this planet to not become a blogger, I listened to the song "Write Your Story On My Heart" by Francesca Battistelli on our drive up to Athens, Georgia in November 2016. This powerful song reminded me that God had stirred up my heart to blog and to share my unique story with others for a reason.  

We all have a story to tell that is unique and in itself very powerful.

How many times have stories and testimonies of others helped you to find hope, encouragement and inspiration? When I need guidance and encouragement I put my face first in “the Book” like one of our pastors RV Brown likes to say it. The Bible is a collection of stories about ordinary people like you and me who had to face challenges, losses, victories and experienced first hand miracles. Their faithful walk encourages and inspires me over and over again.

My Story. 

My walk as a mom of three incredible children has taught me more than anything I could have ever imagined. I am who I am today because of them. I was blessed to homeschool all three of them and to experience the world through their curious eyes. As a matter of fact I am still on this journey with our daughter Dominique. She has a chromosomal deletion called 1P36 and  challenges me to think out of the box and step out of my traditional teaching comfort zone. Early on we realized that she had severe health problems and struggled to reach her developmental and physical milestones. We spent the first two and a half years of her life mainly in hospitals or doctor offices. I became a special needs mom and her advocate who had to quickly learn about all of the necessary therapies like OT, PT and Speech to reinforce them at home. Dominique is truly a miracle of God. She is a fighter who has to work hard for everything in her life. Her always positive outlook and unconditional love for others is wrapped up in the most beautiful smile that is contagious.When life goes crazy she has the gift to pull me out of the whirlwind and to make me refocus on what is really important: Family, Relationships, Quality Time. You will find out more about her and how she helps me to slow down and reprioritize in the upcoming blogs. 

from left to right: Benjamin, Dominique and Alexander, front: Bella

from left to right: Benjamin, Dominique and Alexander, front: Bella

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would homeschool my children nor did I plan to live in Florida far away from my family, friends and culture I grew up in. Like in the Hollywood movies one day I met this really handsome and God loving young American engineer Peter at my neighbor’s welcome back party. He had a visa to work in Germany and as it turned out found next to a job also his future wife. Needless to say he is my best friend, encourager, inventor, go the extra mile for others kind of guy who challenges me often and is simply my rock. He supports my crazy ideas like homeschooling, running a marathon or remodeling our house and allows me to step into new adventures like blogging. 

When I moved to Florida in 1994 to start our new journey I also found the most amazing friends and my new American family at Grace Family Church in Tampa. From the first day they welcomed and loved on me. At Grace I found my home away from homeland where I could grow and where we raised our children. 


Our Story. 

Our story is very powerful and the lesson learned are important and life giving. As a matter of fact after having our daughter Dominique I would have been so thrilled to talk or to listen to someone who has gone before me. I felt pretty lonely, lost and especially scared facing the PICU right after birth and her first surgery. Our family life with two energetic and healthy boys changed from one minute to another and so did my life as a mom. 

Gaining a fresh perspective of life.

My fondest memory of my teenager years living in Germany is when I had a cup of coffee with my mom after a long and often draining school day, We talked or better I mainly shared my highlights and anything that happened that day. During this special time life was paused and while sharing, laughing and sometimes crying I learned the importance to connect with the people I love and treasure. Her wisdom, experience and positive outlook helped me to get a fresh perspective of life.

Let's pause life for a moment!

My mom's legacy and the desire to connect are a vital part of me. I am so excited that you take the time to pause your life and to hang out with me. I pray that the special memories, moments and nuggets of wisdom I gained over the years will help you to find encouragement, hope and inspiration. I can’t wait to get to know you!