Blessing Children is The Most Significant Calling Every Parent Has

Have I ever mentioned that I love this time of year? The last three months are packed with holidays, parties, traditions, gatherings and the impressive transformation of our environment. Everything bursts with its last splendor. It seems that nature has been saving up all year for the grand finale. We Floridians experience Fall slightly differently and we can’t wait for the weather fairy to swing by and drop our temperatures so we can get our sweaters and boots out.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 “To everything there is a season, and a time for every activity under the heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build,…”


October, Fall season and March, Spring season also represent two special months for our family. In March 2010 and October 2013 we celebrated our sons blessing ceremonies at our house. Our closest friends and family gathered to bless our boys through the power of the spoken word and to witness the moment when they symbolically stepped over to manhood.


Our pergola area was visually divided with a red ribbon that was placed on the pavers. On the right side stood the ladies and the men who waited for them on the other side. Every little detail of our ceremony carried a deep meaning because we knew that we were releasing our sons spiritually and emotionally into manhood.

Traditions and ceremonies are the glue that holds a family together. We did not have any experience or family history from which we could draw to create this very powerful moment of speaking life, identity and destiny into our young men. During the preparations leading up to these pivotal events Pete and I dove into the process of understanding the deep meaning of blessing children and others which guided us to choose an elegant setting filled with meaningful details.


There is something on the inside of every person that longs for blessing from parents. Looking at Genesis 27:30-38 it becomes very clear that Esau and Jacob understood this power and longed for the blessing of the firstborn son from their father. Isaac’s wife and younger son Jacob took advantage of Isaac’s poor eyesight and tricked him into blessing Jacob with the father’s blessing and birthright. The spoken blessing was irrevocable and Esau walked away devastated and was so embittered against his brother that he vowed to kill him.


In our modern times we have completely lost the understanding of the importance of blessing our children. God uses blessing as a vital mechanism to impart identity and destiny into our life. Consequently we need to have a good understanding of the meaning of the word blessing. In the Hebrew language “Baruch” is a verb and means to bless someone. One of the main meanings of the word is, to empower someone to prosper in life. In the Webster dictionary to prosper is simply described as to be financially successful which is our general understanding of “to prosper” in our culture. We find out that “to prosper” in the Hebrew language primarily means “to have a pleasant and fulfilling journey”. By combining the two definitions we discover that to bless someone means to empower another person to be successful, to thrive and to have a pleasant and fulfilled journey through life.


There are 5 key elements we probably intuitively use daily to bless each other. Blessing always involves a meaningful touch like a hug or a kiss. Not the kiss of abuse, but the kiss of blessing – there is a massive difference. I know that our kids loved hugs and kisses when they were little and still like it when I scratch their back when we relax on the couch. Physical touch often looks a little different when they get older and we often overlook their need for it but deep inside they still love and need it.

Imparting blessings takes place with our words when we slip a little note in their lunch box, text them “I love you” or hide a card in our husband’s suitcase to surprise him after a long day of traveling. Praising them for their accomplishments and complementing for how they look or respond in situations charges their and our batteries.

Showing up at every game, recital, practice and being simply available when they need someone to lean on or talk to translate into “you are very important to me”. 


Parents literally hold a powerful key to the future lives of their children in blessing or cursing. God imparts identity and destiny through the method of blessing. When we are unaware of it we will neglect the important key element of being actively committed to fulfill the blessing.


Pete and I were completely unaware of this part of our job description before we became parents. We certainly did many of the things mentioned above but we also cursed them unknowingly. Like many others we believed that if we pray for them, take them to church, teach the Word of God, love them and properly discipline them, they should grow up to be Godly Christian adults. We are fortunate that we learned early enough that all these activities are good and important but that they don’t actually deliver God’s message of identity and destiny during times when children need it the most.

There are seasons and times to be blessed: when we are born, become a teenager, step into adulthood, graduate from high school, start a new job, get married….


During the “Ancient Path Seminar” we learned that there are seven essential times when God intended to impart a powerful message of identity and destiny into the life of each of us.

My whole life changed in an instant after our group leader David spoke the vital blessings that I should have received during my childhood over me at the end of my first “Ancient Path Seminar”.

This experience let to an amazing transformation of my identity and destiny. I finally found an answer to the two critical questions that I faced daily. Who I am and where am I going?

Since then I carry a deep desire in my heart to grow in understanding of the spoken blessings and to have a heightened awareness for the brief windows of opportunities.



Pete and I stepped into the journey to change the course of our family by making blessings an integral part of our life. This conversion does not happen overnight. We made it our goal to become purposeful in blessing our children daily by using these 5 key elements, which we found in the book “Blessing” by Gary Smalley and John Trent:

  • Meaningful touch

  • A Spoken Message

  • Attaching high value to the One being blessed

  • Picturing a special future for the one being blessed

  • An active commitment to fulfill the blessing

We also started the tradition of blessing our children in formal and elegant ceremonies to mark the special time of crossing over to adulthood.

In December 2017 we had the privilege of blessing our oldest son Alexander and our beautiful daughter-in-law Anna during the rehearsal dinner to release them to enter their most important covenant.

Actively blessing others has become a fundamental part of our family and impacts every area in our life and especially the people around us.

 Inspirational Questions:

  • Did you know that you hold the powerful key to your child’s future?

  • Have you ever experienced a blessing ceremony or Jewish Bar Mitzvah?

  • What does blessing mean to you?

The Bible is filled with spoken blessings. Reading these passages hopefully will help you to gain a new understanding of blessing:

Looking at the Old Testament we see that God used the spoken blessing personally to impart divine favor to His people. He verbally blessed Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:28), Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) and Jacob (Genesis 32:24-32). The documentation of spoken blessings over the people by God is endless throughout the Bible. (Genesis 27, Genesis 48, Numbers 6:22–27, Genesis 1:22)


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