Exchanging My Old with a New, Healed and Free Me Tearing Down Barriers


Mark 10:17

And when he was gone forth into the way, there came one running, and kneeled to him, and asked him, Good Master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?


Jesus was approached by a rich, young man filled with courage, earnestness, and humility who cast himself at Christ’s feet with one important question burning in his heart: How could he enter eternal life?” He believed that he was ready to do whatever it took to receive eternal life.

I have read this many times before and have learned so many lessons from it. At the end we find out that this young and enthusiastic man walked away sad because he was unable to do the very thing Jesus asked him to do: to sell everything and to give it to the poor.

His challenge exposes his barrier, which is his love of money.


Money represented his pride of accomplishment and self-effort. He had the wrong idea about how to earn eternal life. In his eyes he believed that he could buy eternal life by his own efforts.

Reading this story this time I learned that barriers cannot only can hinder a person having eternal life like in the young man’s situation; barriers can also hinder God to bring us the healing or blessings we are asking of Him.   


A barrier by definition prevents access, progress or communication.

We all have been or are currently praying for blessings and healing. I have been a believer for 26 years and have learned that God’s greatest desire is to pour his blessings out over us. I believe in the power of prayer and have experienced small and bigger miracles in my life and others. Nothing escapes God’s attention. So, I ask myself often what is hindering God to bless us abundantly? Am I not praying the right way? Is it the wrong timing? Do my sins hinder Him? Is there a magic formula for having access to his blessings?

Today I got an unexpected answer in Mark 10:17.

I run as sincere and passionate to God and fall on my knees to ask God for healing and blessings in total faith as this young rich man. I do what I can physically to petition God and use the only tool that I have: Praying wholeheartedly and faithfully.

What I learned in Mark 10:17 now is that God can only come in and bring healing and blessings when I allow God to really look into my heart and surrender all of me.


How often have we sung this song at church or in the car “ I surrender all”?

If I go a step further I learn that in my case healed from stress, anxiety, fear, inferiority, perfectionism and control I have to open up, allow Jesus to enter and surrender all of my stuff to Him.


My stuff was the barrier that held Jesus back to guide me into total and complete freedom.

As much as this young man had the wrong idea about how to get eternal life, I had the wrong idea about how to receive healing and blessings. My stuff kept me caught in the lies of the enemy and altered my perception of life and who I was and who God is.


God does not force us to follow him or presents us with a long list of do’s and don’t’s. He respects our choices. In his love he offers us an invitation to follow him, to redeem us, protect us and bless and heal us.



This year has been very challenging for us in many ways and forced me to finally take a closer look at my old stuff. Stuff I truly believed was already all surrendered and taken care off. I accepted Jesus invitation and allowed him into my messy me. We both walked together holding hands looking at situations and past experiences that had deeply scarred me.

We cried, laughed, talked and endured moments of silence together. I am still praying for healing and blessings and believe in the power of prayer but now I accept his invitation immediately and get rid of my barriers more quickly in order to enter the process of his healing. God’s healing is not limited to anything and can happen in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it happens in the form of miracles and sometimes it takes years of slow and steady progress. Only God knows the perfect healing plan for us but He always gives us a choice or invitation for the treatment plan.

Inspirational Question:

  • Do you have barriers in your life that hold you back?

  • Are there times in your life you don’t want to talk about?

  • Are you willing to surrender it all?



Lord, forgive us for holding back our stuff and not surrendering it all to you. We want to invite you as you invite us to come into our lives and bring healing to the situations or words that have been spoken over us or things that happened to us. We are tired of holding on to them. Please give us the strength to revisit them and to let go of anything that is not of you. Show us the truth of who we are in you.





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